Minami Wrigley

Min Wrigley Arts - Works by Artist Minami Wrigley
Growing up in three different countries (American, Japan and England) as well as travelling, the effect of personal experience and memory in shaping one's perspective is looked at and reflected in the works, while the notion of mapping also takes place in making connections between these experiences and memories.
The works are often done in a mixed media of drawing, watercolour or printmaking (etchings) as well as a combination of the different medias.
Printmaking has a nature of leaving unexpected marks, working with mistakes and with each image coming out slightly different to the previous when printed.
With these lines and marks that are left, the the act of representing through the process of printmaking become a journey of its own becoming a re-presentation of a new experience (combined of both experiences from the past and current).
Landscapes of the Pacific Northwest (from back home in Seattle, WA) is currently focused on and represented in the mixture of existing and fictional landscapes during the last couple years. Existing because the images are composed of the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest explored during my visits back, however is then montaged together as well as with the process of printmaking itself and takes a new and altered form, hence fictional.